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Maedot Tesfaye Headshot

Judge Maedot Yeshak Tesfaye

Judge Maedot Yeshak Tesfaye is currently Judge at the Federal High court of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. She has more than 10 years of concrete work experience, training and expertise on court systems, court procedures and rules, and specialized training and certification on variety of legal disciples both at the International and national levels, including International Comparative business Law, International Arbitration, Project Management etc. She also has demonstrated legal research skills in Human rights and Humanitarian law.

She has extensive experience as a presiding judge, both as trial and appellate courts, over hundreds of cases related to civil and commercial disputes including cases related to arbitration, from preliminary legal issues related to arbitration agreements to disputes at the enforcement stage.

She is also an active member of LCIA Africa Users’ Council and FICA (forum for international conciliation and Arbitration).

Her professional goals include achieving and realizing the highest standards of Judicial service, by promoting and providing pro bono services in ADR, the Protection and Promotion of Human rights in areas of Justice and Businesses, and the promotion of social entrepreneurship in Africa with special focus on development programs related to women and children.