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Vision 8


The motivation for the establishment of the IBQC was founded on the recognition that many jurisdictions in recent times have been visited with tremendous challenges on account of building regulations that have not delivered the level of safety and security expected by the public.

Indeed, there have been regulatory failures that have culminated in the loss of life along with seriously deleterious economic impacts upon citizens.

These challenges have culminated in recognition by industry stakeholders that a rethinking of the philosophies and traditions that underpin the design of modern-day building control is both timely and necessary.

The IBQC serves as a collaborative medium through which systems, practices, regulations, codes and laws that provide best practice solutions and answers are identified, endorsed and encouraged.

The IBQC will also, through research and comparative analysis, benchmark and identify jurisdictions that have pioneered and implemented best practice and emerging construction technology, probity regimes and enlightened construction systems and practices. In doing so, it will have regard to that which is best for the present and that which is best for the future.

The IBQC has developed an online library that continues to evolve into a compilation of best practice research publications and papers to generate a resource for students, law reformers, policymakers, practitioners and academics.

The IBQC aspires to become a sounding board providing an opinion on the viability of regulatory initiatives in terms of their benchmarking with best-practice research on point.