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Welcome to the IBQC

Global leadership in the development of best practice building regulatory policy guidelines.

Latest News:

The International Building Quality Centre (IBQC) has recently released a Problem Statement for Building Products Performance: Building Product Performance Part 1 – Discussion Paper and would like to invite any interested party to provide feedback on this paper to help it with the next phase of work. To do this, please send your comments to: by 31 August 2022.


For those who would prefer to discuss their views rather than make a written submission, the IBQC will endeavour to make time for a short virtual meeting with one or more of its members. This request can be made via the same email address, but would need to be initiated earlier than the end of August in order to facilitate such a meeting.


We look forward to any constructive input to this work and ask that those contributing focus on helping the IBQC gain a complete understanding of the scope and accuracy of the problem as outlined in the Part 1 paper, and where appropriate, consider viable solutions.


We look forward to your feedback and participation.