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Vision 9


"To establish a pre-eminent International Centre of Excellence in terms of the identification of building regulatory systems and regimes that are international exemplars."

IBQC Mission Statement

To be a sounding board or point of reference for law reformers, policymakers and stakeholders intent on designing building regulation that provides the greatest opportunity for the realisation of codes and laws that maximise:

  • Public safety;
  • Cost-effective and efficient construction systems; and
  • Sustainability within the context of the built environment.

The IBQC will also pave the way for students, who are intent on developing expertise in best practice construction regulation, practices and systems, to embark upon postgraduate studies on point.

The IBQC will be a medium through which comparative analyses can be applied to reforming jurisdictions to enable the potential client to have concepts peer-reviewed.

The paramount vision being that, through its research and its members, the IBQC will have a positive and material impact on building regulation and practices in jurisdictions across the world.