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Michael de Lint

Mr Michael de Lint, MA, PLE *

Director, Regulatory reform and Technical Standards | RESCON (Residental Construction of Ontario) | Consultant, World Bank (since 2007) | Director, Regulatory Reform and Technical Standards

Extensive international experience in streamlining planning and building regulatory regimes.

Michael is an experienced public policy professional familiar with the development and building regulatory issues in Ontario and internationally. He has worked as a project manager and adviser for many key Ontario Government initiatives related to the building regulatory system.

Lead author of a 2018 RESCON report on streamlining Ontario’s development and building approval process.

Prepared reports for the World Bank on ways to streamline planning and building regulatory systems following missions to over 15 different countries.

Contributing author to two World Bank books. Presented papers at Society for Applied Anthropology Conferences in Pittsburgh and in Vancouver, on risk and resilience in developing countries.

Past Senior Consultant World Bank Group

Bill Davis Ontario Merit Award
(Ontario Building Officials Association)

Leadership Award
Reach for Excellence, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Professional Land Economist
Ontario Association of Land Economists

Panel Member
Centre for Best Practice Building Control (CBPBC), Melbourne, Australia

Association of Ontario Land Economists